Lesa Pensak Lake Tahoe Rolf Structural Integration & Massage Therapy

Lesa Sol Pensak is a Board Certified Structural Integrator and Nevada State Licensed Massage Therapist in Incline Village at Lake Tahoe’s north shore.

Bodywork is an essential ingredient of well-being in our over stressed, over processed lifestyle. Lesa’s emphasis is on a nurturing therapeutic experience. Touch is elevated to a work of art.

A professional bodyworker since 1989, Lesa’s holistic approach and quality of touch really make a difference. Just ask her clients. With inspiration to go beyond the ordinary, sensitivity, intuition and qualified care are conveyed through her hands.  Flowing, detailed and effective, her style is a synastry of therapy and relaxation.

Advanced Therapy for Pain…

Ask for Lesa’s integrative bodywork, a remarkable session that blends structural, energetic and manual therapies. It’s a dynamic alternative to traditional therapies. The results can be profound: significant relief from pain, enhanced range of motion, improved athletic performance and extraordinary relaxation. Start feeling better now!

For more information about Lesa Pensak and The Rolf Method of Structural Integration in Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, click on


Studio:775 455 0211

Cell:    775 443 8500

Studio Location:

770 Northwood Blvd. Suite 8

Incline Village, Nv  89450





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