Discover the power of Rolfing

Discover the power of Rolfing

Special to the Bonanza
Jan 13, 2012
Updated September 2015
Deeply transformational bodywork called The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is now available in Davis
and Lake Tahoe.
Rolf Bodywork sessions blend structural, energetic and manual therapies and are a complement to Acupuncture, Pilates, Yoga and other wellness practices. It’s a dynamic alternative to traditional therapies and the results can be profound: Significant relief from pain, enhanced range of motion, improved athletic performance and well-being.
The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is the result of hands-on manipulation and core movements developed by Dr. Ida Rolf that works on connective tissue to release, realign and balance the whole body with lift and length in the field of gravity. One’s posture and freedom of movement is enhanced, while pain from many causes, including back pain, trauma and repetitive motion injury may be resolved as a side effect.
Hands-on interventions with visual and functional assessments coupled with client education bring about positive and long lasting outcomes.
Lesa Sol Pensak is the owner of True North Rolf.
Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Board Certified, Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist since 1989.

Learn more about Pensak at


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