Rolfing has been an amazing healing modality for me. I recently completed a full 10 session series with Lesa. Her expertise and professionalism as a therapist and healer are paramount. Furthermore, she brings a deep Spiritual connection that adds an expanded layer of consciousness to her work. I highly recommend her and know that you will be thrilled to have chosen such a qualified veteran of Ida Rolf’s work.  Judith Buckingham


I choose to have bodywork from Lesa for a number of reasons.  Her years of experience with movement are a big part of it.  She is able to call my attention to things she sees in my movement and posture that I need to work on, even though I myself am an extensively trained bodyworker.  My body responds well to her attention to detail for this very reason.  I have had a lot of bodywork and my system demands work of a higher caliber.  Lesa’s intuitive and consistent approach to the work delivers this to me in every session. Robin Graber, Certified Advanced Rolfer


I have been getting Rolfed since I was about 12 years old. I have 3 s’s in my spine. I have been seeing Lesa since 2002. I learned to be very picky on Rolfers in all my experiences over the years. Lesa is always calm, compassionate and comforting. She teaches me in every session about my body and movements. Sessions can be very intense, she is always steady, smooth and gentle . I trust her implicit ability to “read” my body’s deficits and determine the root origin and get right to the issue(s). Lesa’s knowledge of physiology, combined with her intuitive touch, produced tremendous and positive changes in my overall health, and taught me and my body to re-learn healthy movement patterns. I recommend Lesa to everyone. Lesa has given me the gift of improved health and movement and I am very grateful. :) SM


Lesa’s work aligns me physically, emotionally and spiritually…..it’s so much more than bodywork! I highly recommend her …and the second time through a 10 series…is exponentially a bigger experience than the first time! Dive in and grow! Kathy Copeland, Mammoth Lakes, Ca


Lesa’s work changed my life! I finally feel like I am in the body i was designed for…. The expansion I have experienced from the 10 series has been incredible! CL


“I was first introduced to Lesa almost two years ago…I looked forward to every remarkable session with her & her extraordinary healing gifts…
I worked with Lesa on an assortment of issues for over a year that not only drastically changed my posture in the most positive way, but, the feeling of physical & emotional well being after treatment is still with me 6 months later…
I wholeheartedly recommend her treatments…you won’t be sorry!” David Coverdale, Whitesnake


“Being Rolfed by Lesa was wonderful! I had worked with Rolfers before, but none of them made me feel as safe and comfortable as she did. I never went through a full series until I met her. I had sharp, chronic pain in the back of one knee which disabled me from moving freely. At the end of our ten session series, the pain was completely gone and still is today. She corrected my bodies alignment and taught me a new way to move so the problem wouldn’t come back. She blends professionalism and skill with softness and sincerity that is truly beautiful. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Anna Stern


“Lesa’s expertise and technique are absolutely incredible!  I was seeing a chiropractor 2-3 times a week.  After just a couple of sessions with Lesa I never had to go back!  She is a natural in seeing what the problem is and fixing years of ailments in a very short time!  Other therapists did a good job taking care of the symptoms but Lesa fixed the problems almost overnight!  Lesa is an excellent therapist and a wonderful person!” NB


“While there are many good massage therapists in our area, I believe Lesa Pensak has to be one of the best. Lesa has the gift of touch which transpires to healer. In the fifteen plus years that I have been seeing her, there have been many times that I don’t even need to point out my aches and pains because she can just lay her hands on my back or neck and knows where the problem areas are. Lesa’s work is that of a truly gifted, talented, spiritual healer. A massage or rolfing session with her is like none other!” VB


“I started seeing Lesa this fall after being super over-trained to the point of physical failure.  I was having chronic pain in my left ribs, chronic shin splints, and chronic left shoulder knots/pain.  I am an elite rower and have been an athlete all my life, I have balanced out the repetitious movements of rowing with cross-training, yoga, cross-fit, and chiropractic appointments but it was not enough to help my body re-balance itself.  When I saw Lesa my posture was all wrong and my body was not supporting my movement, I was moving from only a few dominate muscle groups which were pulling my bones out of alignment.  Whenever I would get adjustments my muscles would just pull my bones back out of alignment to meet their dominate structure.  It was not until I started working with Lesa that I was able to start using other muscle groups to create movement and balance out my alignment.  I knew that the sessions were working because the pain in my shins and left shoulder were absent and when I trained I had so much more body awareness that I could hold myself in proper alignment and get so much more value out of the time I spent in the gym.  I had only two weeks to work with Lesa and even in that short amount of time she was able to help me heal my body and bring it into a state of balance.  We created an enormous amount of body awareness that I now carry with me in every step.  I am not going to lie,  Rolfing is work, it is a challenge to change physical patterns that have been ingrained by year of practice.  However, when you are working with someone as amazing as Lesa you are able to get through it with success and results.  The frustration of patterning your body is made tolerable and even exciting because you can feel the changes and Lesa is able to see what is unique to your body in such a way that she is able to target exactly what your body needs to change.  The difference is after Rolfing you are living without pain and you can actualize your potential.  I am so grateful for the sessions I spent with Lesa.  They helped me get back to my sport and continue to pursue my Olympic dreams.” SS


“I’ve been getting structural massage from Lesa Pensak for several years.  She is the 1st person I call when my body feels unstable. She is excellent in her knowledge of the body’s make up, connections and how things affect one another.  She has given me great relief over the years.” CP

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